Design solution to store CDs

CD Wall Shelves: Practical, beautiful and easy to make

At the beginning of the development of the magnetic wall CD shelf was the desire to find a unique and practical solution. It should combine modern living design with maximum flexibility. Anything that required special cases or additional rails, hooks or elaborate modification of the case was therefore excluded.

Magnets are the solution!

We analysed the covers of CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays and developed special extra-thin magnets that fit into the narrow space between the back and disc cover. Since the CD sleeves are slotted together, the magnets can be inserted without any tools

Diese CD-Wall Nahaufnahme zeigt im Detail, wie und wo unsere patentierte Magnettechnik funktioniert

Inside cases that have no place for these magnets, a self-adhesive magnetic sheet is placed. Everything can be fixed to the stainless steel plate, which is low weighted enough. Games? No problem! Only with your cassette collection you must not do that. Here, the magnets harm the bands. CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays are optical storages, so the magnets doesn't harm!

Die Magnetbefestigungstechnik für eine DVD oder Blu-ray ist so einfach wie genial - flache Spezialfolie einlegen und fertig

The metal walls of your flat CD shelf: A real eye-catcher even if it's empty

Suitable for each type of device, we offer you the following options for wall shelf

  • Stainless steel, finely brushed,
  • Stainless steel, high gloss,
  • Steel, powder coated (black gray or white aluminum)

Unser CD-Wall Wandregal gibt es in verschiedenen Materialien und Farben

The CD-Wall stainless steel plates are laser cutted and drilled. So, the edges are straight and free of burrs. We also have the corners slightly rounded and tapered holes made ​​so that the screws are flush with the surface. A real design product!

You have the choice between square or elongated wall elements, which can be combined with each other. So that the elements are both filled with CDs and empty a beautiful eye-catcher.


Bei CD-Wall haben Sie die Wahl zwischen quadratischen oder länglichen Wandelementen, die sich beliebig miteinander kombinieren lassen