Frequently asked questions about the CD-Wall idea

The usage of our patented CD storage solution is very easy. As the Wall shelf with magnetic technology is versatile too, several questions might come up and we are  gladly answer.

What technique is in use to attache the CDs to the wall?

To adhere CDs to the flat stainless steel CD rack, our special magnets are inserted into the CD cases. These have enough power to hold CDs even with severe booklet. This mount technique is invisible from the outside. On request we deliver even stronger magnets for double CDs where applicable.

How is the stainless stell CD-Wall rack attached to the wall?

Normally, the stainless steel plate, which forms the base for the patented magnet system, is fastened with screws to a wall. This is also possible on a pitched roof. If you plan to mount your CD rack without tools (e.g. on doors, walls, delicate walls, etc.), we can supply you with the appropriate adhesive elements. Let us advise you individually to get the best results.

Is it also possible to place digipacks on the CD-Wall?

If your digipacks have the typical CD center hole like the norm jewel case, it is possible to use the CD wall shelf with your digipacks.

How do I mount DVD or Blu-ray cases that are not built like CD covers?

We do have also a solution for your DVDs and Blu-rays. DVD anf Blu-ray covers get extra thin magnetic sheet that can be invisibly inserted into the case back. So they adhere securely to the CD wall shelf CD-Wall.

Do I need to glue the magnets at the outside of my CD covers - I fear to damage my favorite CDs

Absolutely No! No glue, No Damages! One of the key design requirements of the CD wall shelf with magnetic technology was that the covers of CDs and DVDs remain intact. In addition, the insertion of the magnet is much easier and safer than to stick them somewhere outside.

Can my CD cases be affected during inserting the magnets?

If you are carefully and not proceed with brute force, most CD cases can be opened very easily. You just need to insert the magnets and assemble the CD case again. If you have a limited CD cover in special design, you can contact us, we will advise you.

Do the magnets impact the data stored on my CDs or DVDs and can the CDs surface be scratched?

No. CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays data storage method is optical based. The magnets have no influence on it and also do not come into direct contact with the CDs. You should follow the usual advice for storing CDs and DVDs. Pay attention when using using transparent cover without inlet to not exposed them prolonged direct sunlight.

Can I expand my existing CD-Wall shelf easily with new elements?

To design a modular system was very important requirement for CD storage solution of CD-Wall. So you can always add new square or elongated elements, as long as the wall offers space.

I can see the magnets from the outside, that are required to hold the CDs or DVDs at the CD wall

The magnets used on this patented magnetic solution CD wall shelf are that small and this so that they are invisible from the outside. This makes it possible to fasten your collection without hooks, rails or adhesive safely.
We advise you to remove these magnets from the CD cases, when you remove it permanently from the CD wall mount. This is to avoid them to come in contact accidentally sensitive items (e.g. credit cards, laptops, etc.)

Ich habe eine andere Frage zur CD-Wandhalterung, die hier nicht beantwortet wird. I have another question about the CD-Wall mount that is not answered here.

Just send us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible in contact with you.
We are also very pleased if you have a photo of your CD wall shelf that you want to send us.