The magnetic CD Wall Shelf: One idea, 1000 options

Find here some design examples based on CD Wall®

A CD-Wall gives any room more individuality and a special character. It combines music with a great design and presents your favorite CD's perfectly. Browse through our gallery and find your personal wall shelf for CDs, DVDs or BluRays! Whether as a Christmas gift for your husband, birthday surprise for the music fan or as a promotional gift for your best customers and employees. A CD-Wall as an exceptional gift idea is always good.

You can find more photos on our Flickr Diashow, Videos in Youtube: CD-Wall, DVD-Wall ShelfBlu-Ray-Wall Shelf.

Be inspired by our examples

The CD wall shelf made ​​of stainless steel with magnetic technology is more than just a practical storage solution. Our magnetic rack for CDs, DVDs is a perfect design product. Take a look at our photos and videos and get the modern ambiance.
CD wall mount instead of portraits in the living room. Versatile and easy to attach the cover to the wall that match your tastes and your mood. This example for 12 DVDs or Blu-rays.

Das Bild zeigt ein DVD-Wandregal mit unserer CD-Wall Square 4x4 nebeneinander über einem Ledersofa angeordnet

Set a creative trend. Single or combined, well ordered or chaotic filled - Our CD storage solution offers always a great design opportunity. Beautify your living room or buy the CD wall shelf as a gift.

Das Bild zeigt eine 3er Kombination von CD-Wall3x3 Square im Wohnzimmer - so bleiben Ihre Lieblings CDs immer im Blick

Blu-rays attractively presented as entertainment retailers. Our tip: Combine your CD-magnetic wall shelf with a matching movie poster.

Das Bild zeigt unser BluRay-Wandregal für 20 BluRay Cover über einem Ledersofa angebracht

The CD Wall Shelf Square 4x4 fits at walls and even on roof slopes. Give boring corners  something special. Surprise with your favorite CDs close to the TV or under the stairs 

Dieses Beispiel zeigt eine CD-Wall Square 4x4 am Kamin - CD-Aufbewahrung der Spitzenklasse

Large-scale in the 5x5 format, you can use the CD storage solution to put together your individual collages with your favorite bands or personal charts. Make use of the available space optimally and beautify your home

Dieses Beispiel zeigt eine CD-Wall Square 5x5 im Flur eines zufriedenen Kunden

Even where no space has is left for a shelf :
The wall bracket for CDs and DVDs with invisible magnetic technology is as easy to install as an portrait but is more versatile.

Das Bild zeigt eine voll bestückte CD-Wand vom Typ CD-Wall5x5

3x3 is one of the most popular variations of CD-Wall, the patented fastening system CD. So you can use even small corners or create accents on large areas. Ideal for beginners or as a gift!
Das Bild zeigt eine Kombination der CD-Wall 3x3 neben dem Bücherregal im Lesezimmer

The large tiled look, the CD comes with the right wall lighting to their best advantage. The neutral design in shades of white, black and stainless steel two options our magnetic CD storage solution fits on almost any surface.

Das Bild zeigt unser DVD-Wandregal mit unserer CD-Wall Square 5x4 und 20 deiner schönsten DVD Cover befestigt an der Wohnzimmerwand neben dem Flachbildschirm

If there is place for a CD, also the elongated version of our flat CD wall shelf fits. With low effort, the stainless steel plate can be mounted on walls, cabinets or doors. Your options are unlimited!

Das Bild zeigt ein schmales CD Wandregal mit unserer CD-Wall Slim1x3 - ein schmaler Streifen deiner Lieblings CDs direkt über dem Fernseher